About a month ago I got my hair cut quite a bit shorter. It’s short enough now that I can’t wear it in a ponytail, but I’m getting bored with just letting it hang, so I thought some cute accessories were in order.

Of course I can crochet/knit some (next week’s blog post), but I was in the mood for something sparkly, and what’s more sparkly than GLITTER!!!!

Here are the clips and headbands and things that I made. I got on a star kick apparently, but stars are supposed to be sparkly so it seemed fitting. Plus, the stars make me feel a bit glamorous.

Do you have a favorite??


 photo signaturepng_zpsd95be082.png

WIP Wednesday: Glittery Hair Accessories
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Rebecca Greco

They are all super cute but my favorite is definitely the three star headband! Plus it pops so well against your hair color!

Casey Carroll

Thank you! That one might be my favorite too. It's so fun and sparkly! 🙂