I have been such a slacker on this blog thing, but I’m making it a goal to blog once a week and gradually build up to more. I’m just crazy busy right now and trying to carve out some “me time”. Maybe I’ll make my blog my me time.

For this week’s Work In Progress (WIP) we have Fruit Stripe Gum Socks. Pattern by Leah Oakley. The pattern looks complicated, but it’s really pretty simple and it’s repeated so you can almost do it in your sleep. Wouldn’t that be neat?! lol



Love these! I can hardly wait to finish them! The yarn is “Rainbow After Dark” by Knitterly Things. it’s so soft and vibrant!!! Love it! If someone wants to get me “Happy Accident” I would be more that ecstatic.

I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!!

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WIP Wednesday! Fruit Stripe Gum Socks!
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