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I started working with polymer clay this year. Not that knitting isn’t “working with my hands”, but I miss “working with my hands”, if that even makes sense. I guess I miss the messier, knitty (lol) gritty kind of art.
Polymer Clay Tools that I use
 In college I majored in studio art, and ceramics was one of my favorite classes. I loved how messy it was! I hate having stuff under my nails, but I enjoyed getting clay all up under and around my nails. When I decided to try my hand at polymer clay, I lucked out and was able to find my clay tools from college. Woohoo!!
These are the tools I use the most often.
The things I bought specifically for my new polymer clay projects:
-plastic clay tools (the turquoise one). They came in a set of three but I really only use this one.
The things I already had:
-the silver metal clay cutter
-the wooden handled pointer tip thing
-a broken comb
The things I made or were given to me:
-clay handled needles
-a smooth granite tile with a rubber pad stuck to the back so it doesn’t slip on the table
-a cup of coffee (always needed)

I use Kato Polyclay. I’ve not tried another brand, because I think it might be best to stick with one brand for consistency and baking temps, so I can’t comment on how I like it compared to other brands. Some colors are tougher than others to condition, but, overall, they work quite nicely and keep their color well after baking. I also like the blends I can create. They’re so pretty.







Have you ever used polymer clay? What kind of tools or clay do you use? 



Polymer Clay Tools That I Find Useful
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