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Since I’ve started knitting toe-up socks, it’s really become my favorite method of knitting socks. The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is the bind off. Why is it so difficult to get a nice-looking and stretchy bind off?


sock knitting toe-up
With this pair I experimented with a new bind off. The one on the left was how I had been binding off, and I hated the flare. I later found out that it could be because I wasn’t binding off in pattern. I was just binding off knitwise. What a difference it makes!
The sock on the left was binded off using a twisted sort of bind off thing. Super easy and looks great… at first.
So pretty, right?
And it seems so stretchy!
However, it felt a bit firm and snug when I tried getting it over my heel. It could be because the socks were made for someone who has smaller feet than I do. I’m not sure.
It looks lovely though. So much prettier than the flare.
toe-up socks
So I thought my search was over, but it turns out that I’m still in need of a toe-up socks bind off that makes me happy. Also in need of freshly painted nails.
The yarn I used for these socks was Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in the “Frozen” color blend.
Do you have a favorite bind off method for toe-up socks?


Toe-Up Cuff Dilemma Solved?
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