We are 1/4 of the way through 2016! Holy moly! How are your yearly resolutions or goals coming along? If you’re like most people, you forgot about your resolutions before January was over. If not then, I’m sure all the chocolate on Valentine’s Day threw your weight loss and health goals down the toilet.

No worries. It’s normal. But it doesn’t have to be, and it’s not too late! There are still 9 months left to get it done!!

I bought a book back in January (wish I had sooner!), and I have finally made it all the way through. I’ve been working through it during my lunch break at my “normal” job. I’ve been reading snippets while making dinner and getting soggy crackers smeared on my legs. And I’ve been taking notes in the wee hours of the morning on days I can manage to get a few moments with just me, my coffee, and this book.

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Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs  is fantastic! With Lisa’s guidance, I have started a blogging calendar, scheduled product launches, and scheduled vacations. Vacations!!! Since I started my Etsy business, I haven’t given myself a day off. In 5 years!!!!!
This productivity workbook has encouraged me to take a look at my business and determine what is working, what isn’t, and what I want from it. I feel so much better about my blog, knowing that I have blog posts written for two weeks from today. I know what’s coming, so I don’t have to stress about content. I also know when I want to release new product, so I can plan for it. I love this!
One of my favorite things about the book is it has a calendar with a section on each month where you write your goals for the month and do a review. There’s also a section every 3 months where you review and halfway through! What a great way to stay on track!!
This book is great for anyone with a small business, creative business, or someone just wanting to keep a better record of what they’re doing, and for those who need a shove in the right direction. The book is loaded with tips and plans to get you going.
Do you have a way you’re keeping track of your goal progress? Share in the comments. 
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The Book That Is Changing My Life
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