My 9-year-old decided that we would be Doctor Who characters for Halloween, because she loves the show almost as much as I do… maybe more, actually. Her favorites are the tenth doctor and Rose.
A couple months ago she told me she wanted to be Rose Tyler for Halloween. Originally, she wanted to be Rose Tyler when she was stuck in the TV in the 50s, but then decided she didn’t want to walk around with a box on her head. We got a chance to try out our costumes last night, and she looked fantastic!!
A couple weeks ago she told me she wanted to make a Tardis to put her candy in from trick-or-treat night. She’s such a creative kid, even if I had to do most of the work. This box was not my best work. I threw it together pretty quickly between meals and baths and homework.
We used a Ritz Fresh Stacks¬†box. It was the perfect shape and size! I cut off the flaps on one end, painted it with blue tempera paint, added windows, poked a couple holds for string, and voila! Done! I had planned to spray it with varnish to shine it up a bit and keep the paint from flaking off but didn’t get to that before our thing last night. Maybe before Halloween.
What do you think of our timey-wimey craft? Did you DIY anything for your Halloween costume this year?

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Tardis Trick-or-Treat Box
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