Doing things a bit different today. For starters, I’m working outside the home today, which I normally don’t do on Mondays, but I am making up for the day I missed last week because I was sick. I keep saying I’ll get caught up, but this weather makes me think otherwise.

Last Monday I started putting some new Spring and Summer items in my CsqDesigns Etsy shop. I still have several items to add and will hopefully get them all in before the month is out.

One of the new items to the shop are donut purses. Yes, I was one of those people who was super excited to watch Fuller House as soon as it came out on Netflix. Typical Kimmy fashion, she had a donut purse on the show. It looked like plastic, maybe, but I thought “I can make that in yarn!”, and so I did.


Also new to the shop is this air plant hanger. It will hold 5 air plants, but doesn’t come with the plants. I made one of these for myself and loved it so much that I made one for the shop. You can request a custom listing for colors of your choice also.


I have also added some doilies in embroidery hoops, which are nice on their own or as a dreamcatcher base, wall pockets that would be great for air plants, and knit wall hangings.



I’m still adding items like these, as well as a few other things, so stay tuned!

Which of these is your favorite? I’d love to hear! 🙂

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Spring & Summer Product Debut!
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