I have been wanting to knit a pair of socks pretty much since I first picked up some needles. That was 3 years ago. Since then I had made a pair of Christmas stockings for my daughter and I, but I hadn’t made the small scale version…
Until a few days ago.
Technically, I don’t have a “pair” yet, because I’ve only knit one sock. My birthday was last Thursday, and I thought, “the time is now. I’m going to knit a pair of socks.” 
Starting it took several attempts, which is probably why I’ve not started the second one yet. On the first needle were 24 stitches, with 16 on the second two. This was throwing me off, because I had to start knitting on the needle with 24 stitches, so it took about a dozen (ridiculous, I know) attempts before I finally had it right. 

I kept updating my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with my progress, because I was so stinkin’ excited that it was actually working.
One of the final pushes to make them was when I saw a free sock pattern at Hobby Lobby, while I was shopping for some cotton yarn, which just happened to be on sale. Yay! I then found this lovely yarn and thought it looked so Springy that I had to have a pair of socks with it. It will be perfect for winter or Spring transition to brighten up the day and warm up my forever cold feet. The yarn I picked is Patons Kroy Socks yarn in stripes. It’s a wool/nylon blend. The color is “Sweet Stripes 55315”, in case you’d like to get some for yourself.
 It’s growing!!!
I have one completed, so now I need to start the other one soon. I’m worried if I don’t start it soon then I’ll have a different tension and they’ll be different sizes. This pattern was pretty easy. There wasn’t a separate heel. It was just knit from cuff to toe in the spiral. I like it, but I think it gathers kinda funny where my foot meets my leg. I think next time I would like to try knitting a heel. I think it might be called a gusset or something. 
So pretty… I like the way the stripes came out. It was really fun. I think I might like knitting socks. 🙂
Happy Crafting!!

Spiral Stripey Socks
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It must be so cool to wear something that you made with your own hands!


It definitely is! It's taken me awhile to get brave enough to knit socks though. It costs about $10 to make a pair, plus the time involved. It took me about 3 or 4 days to make one sock! I'll be heartbroken if I get a hole in it!