A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my daughter has been diagnosed ADHD. You can read about it HERE. Since then I have gotten several messages and many friends have approached me regarding this. One additional, possible diagnosis that was brought to my attention was Sensory Processing Disorder. After reviewing the list of “symptoms” or traits of those with SPD, I realized that my daughter exhibited nearly all of the behaviors, so I brought it up with her counselor. Her counselor agreed, and so they’re assessing her for SPD, as well, and she may get a referral for in-home occupational therapy.

I’ve read online about how sensory boxes and things like it are used for kids with SPD and autism. I’ve looked at a TON of sensory box ideas online and have pinned my favorites. (You can follow me on Pinterest HERE). My daughter will absolutely LOVE some of these, and they are so her.

For instance, there are a couple of ideas that involve a bin of water -i.e. the ocean, frog pond, penguin habitat, etc. Well, my girl loves to play with water. I often find her with cups or containers full of water in her bedroom so her toys can go swimming or take a bath or get a drink. As you can imagine, this usually creates a wet mess in her room. A water-based sensory bin would be a controlled version of what she’s doing. Another water-based idea was a sensory bin full of water beads. Water beads are those things you can use in the bottom of a vase of flowers instead of water.


They are a lot of fun to play with, but…


They bounce. I don’t recommend dropping the bin, because they are NOT fun to pick up. They’re slippery little things! I’ll probably be finding them for a week!

She also loves to dig in the dirt. Since I’ve started the garden on our balcony, she’s been interested in doing the same. So I filled a bin with dirt for her own little garden to care for. We went to Meijer so she could pick out the flowers she wanted. I also bought flower bombs. You just toss them on the dirt, water, and they sprout. The ones I got will sprout flowers that will attract butterflies.




Another bin I made for her was one with birdseed and a little birds’ nest, complete with birds and eggs. She loves it!





We made slime… just for fun. 🙂




And I found shaped ice cube trays and froze colored water for her to do a variety of things with.


She said she couldn’t open her eyes because the sun was in her eyes.

I have a few other ideas I would like to do, but for now, she is lovin’ it!



Sensory Box Parenting
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