I have been a busy, busy girl! With the weather beginning to cool off a bit, school, activities, and custom orders, I haven’t had time for much else! I’ve missed you all though and would like to share a pattern with you, but first…



A photo from my run this morning and…



Yours truly.


Okay!! On to our pattern!




Yarn: Any worsted weight yarn will do. Just check for gauge.

Gauge: 6sts/inch

Needle: Size 7 Straight Knitting Needles

Notes: This pattern is worked flat then stitched up the side, leaving a hole for the thumbs. It can also be worked with two colors, or you can do it with one. It is knit from the cuff to hand.


Cast on 38 with color A.
Rows 1-7: Work ribbed cuff, K1, P1 repeat to end of row.
Row 8: K
Row 9: P
Rows 10-39: Repeat rows 8 & 9. At end of Row 39, fasten off color A, tie in color B.
Row 40: With color B, K across
Row 41: P
Rows 42-45: Repeat rows 40 & 41. Bind off knitwise at end of Row 45.

Sew up the sides, leaving a hole for the thumbs. Mitt will roll down on its own.

For the PDF version, go to my Ravelry to download.


As my daughter would say, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”


Hope you like it!



Roll-y Poll-y Fingerless Mitts Pattern
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