I’ve been reading (stalking) the blog of the woman who wrote the workbook I just bought on Amazon: Your Best Year 2016. I’m hooked. I’ve been reading through her older posts on everything from goal setting and Pinterest marketing to Etsy strategies and blogging. There is so much information that I’m not sure what to do with it all.

One of the interesting things I came across from her 16 Before 2016 post. I kinda like it. I like how some of the goals she listed were one-day deals. It’s easy to keep a goal for a single day, right?

I decided to come up with my own list: 17 before 2017


After much thought, deliberation with myself, and coffee, I’ve come up with 17 things I’d like to do before the calendar changes to 2017.

#1 Have all holiday custom orders done in November so I can enjoy the holiday season with those I love. The last several years I have spent much of the holiday season catering to the needs of my customers, rather than enjoying time and traditions with my family & friends. This year I want to have custom orders done by November 30th. I have plenty of ready-made items to choose from. This year my loved ones take priority.

#2 Read a fiction book. I read a lot of non-fiction, and I start a lot of fiction books. This year I’d like to finish one. Just one.

#3 Get healthy. I’m tired of feeling tired, worn out, and out of shape. I want to end the year feeling better than I did when I started it. I want to strive to eat a healthy variety of foods and get more active. I want to start 2017 not feeling bloated and exhausted.

#4 Schedule and perform a year-end-review. I want to continually make each year better than the previous year. I think reflecting on the year is a great way to learn from mistakes and move forward to greatness.

#5 Create and stick to a blogging calendar & blog ahead. I’ve tried this in the past but didn’t stick with it, but I loved having blog posts all typed up and ready to go. It definitely took the stress out of what to blog, because I had planned weeks in advance. By the end of the year I’m hoping I have this habit down!

#6 Savor the season. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons of the year. Last year they were both gone and over before I really enjoyed them. This year I want to slow down and enjoy the things I love about the seasons. The smells, the tastes, the sights, the events, all of it.

#7 Have plans for New Year’s Eve before New Year’s Eve. I don’t know why, but I always get so bummed when I don’t have plans ahead of time, which usually means that I then stay home and go to bed by 9pm. This past year a friend invited people over at the last minute. Had a blast, but I’m a planner.

#8 Enjoy a boost in income. I am really hoping to come up with some ideas this year that will make my sales more consistent month-to-month.

#9 Listen to more TedTalks and podcasts that will equip me with tools and motivation to drive my business forward. I am a TedTalks addict. I like to listen to ones about science and psychology and just random stuff, but I want to listen to more that are geared toward marketing, business, and creativity.

#10 Reach 400 sales at the CsqDesigns shop!!

#11 Have a personal day every month. I put so much of my time and energy into my kids and my business, I deserve a little time for myself. I vow to take one day a month to do my nails, get my hair done, go on a date without kids, go shopping alone (for me!), have a lunch date with a friend… something.

#12 Have a game night or movie night once a week with my kids. The days pass much too quickly, and I need to learn to slow down, stop what I’m doing, and enjoy time with my kids. Turn off and laugh with my kids.

#13 Do one of those crazy detox cleanse things. We all need to do it – clean out the junk and toxins, blech! – but few of us do. It’s on my list this year (after I stop breastfeeding). My body will thank me.

#14 Speaking of breastfeeding, I will purchase new bras when we’re done. Something cute. I am bored of these boring, functional nursing bras. I plan to nurse til she self-weans, but I’m eager to have my boobs back.

#15 Work on my photography for my shop & start saving for a camera. My cheap camera broke about 4 years ago and I’ve not replaced it. I’ve just been using my phone to take photos for my shop and blog. It works, but the quality could be better. I’d also like to set something up to take shop pics so that my storefront has a more consistent vibe.

#16 I will get outside more. I love nature, but this is really a tough one for me. My body doesn’t like extreme hot or cold, my skin hates the sun, and I hate bugs flying at me and trying to eat me. Oh, and I don’t like to sweat. Many of these are attributed to my glorious hair color and skin tone. But I do love the outdoors… in the right conditions. Maybe I could just stay out long enough to have a cup of coffee and read a chapter from that fiction book.

#17 Plan for the next year. Take my 2016 review and make plans and goals for 2017.

*I also need to get a printer so I can stop writing my lists down by hand to have a copy I can look at daily.

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Planning for the New Year: 17 before 2017
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