My daughter sometimes tells me that I’m “the best mom ever”. She also sometimes tells me I’m “the worst mom ever”. That’s usually said when she doesn’t get her way. I know I’m not the worst mom ever, but I’m also not the best mom ever.



At the time I’m writing this, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My first with my newest little one. Mother’s Day is often a day when all sorts of warm fuzzy, #1 Mom stuff comes out. Well, in honor of Mother’s Day, here are


10 Reasons Why I Know I’m Not the Best Mom Ever.


Reason #1: My kids don’t eat enough vegetables. Granted, one of them is still nursing and I eat vegetables, but my other daughter doesn’t eat many vegetables. The only vegetable I can really get her to eat is carrots, unless french fries counts as a vegetable. I’ve tried, but for now I’m giving up. I offer vegetables, but I guess she’ll eat them when she’s ready. For now I have to be happy that she likes one vegetable and I can sneak others in here and there.

Reason #2: I stink at birthday parties. I’ve seen elaborate parties on Facebook and Pinterest and blogs, but they don’t happen in my home. Some years parties don’t happen at all. I find party planning to be exhausting and expensive and a bit pointless when my family lives 6 hours away.

Reason #3: I don’t have focused time with them every day. I suppose I do with my youngest, but, again, she’s nursing, so she’s kind of stuck with me for awhile. But my oldest gets the short end of the stick. There are some days that are so full and busy that bedtime rolls around and I feel guilty that I’ve hardly hugged her that day.

Reason #4: We rarely do crafts. Shocking, I know. I have an art degree and an online craft business, but I rarely have craft time with my daughter.

Reason #5: Sometimes I ignore their needs so I can drink at least half a cup of coffee without interruption. Bad mom, I know. But some days I just need to get caffeinated before I can deal with crying, whining, and dirty diapers.

Reason #6: Speaking of dirty diapers, sometimes my youngest sits in a dirty diaper longer than she should because I’m cooking or in the middle of something else. I usually end up paying for it with an exploded diaper mess.

Reason #7: My home isn’t always clean. In fact, it’s rarely clean. I do my best to have dishes washed each night. I actually wash dishes about 3 times a day, but only because the sink doesn’t hold many dishes at once and it’s a small kitchen. The floors might get mopped once a week. I try to vacuum every couple of days so my youngest doesn’t eat floor dirt and my postpartum hair out of the carpet.

Reason #8: I don’t really do sleepovers. I hosted and attended sleepovers nearly every weekend when I was a kid, but I don’t like them for my daughter. I don’t like hosting them because of the extra expense, noise, and chaos, but I don’t like letting her go if I don’t know the parents well, which then makes me “the worst mom ever”.

Reason #9: I don’t garden. I really wish I did. I really want to, and I’ve tried but haven’t been very successful, except for with carrots, which I guess isn’t too bad considering that’s the only veggie my 8-year-old will eat. Part of the reason for my lack of garden is that I have lived in rentals for the past 6 years. No space for a garden. I’ve done a little container gardening, but that can be very tricky. Plus I just kinda wing it.

Reason #10: I don’t read to my kids every day. I know that this is super important for their development, but I don’t always find the time (or patience) to do it.



So now the secret is out… I’m NOT the best mom ever, and now you know.


In the comments, share why you may not be the best mom ever, and I wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers, whether you’re an adopted mommy, biological mommy, or spiritual mommy. I wish you all a beautiful day of joy!


10 Reasons I Know I’m Not the Best Mom Ever
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