When it’s comes to blogging, I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. I’ve just had other things that have had my attention, but I have a few photos from this past week to share to give you an idea of what my week has looked like.

Pretty, pretty sky before sunset
Earrings I won in a giveaway from Lottie of London
Found a friend on my sunflower. I noticed him a week or so ago when he was smaller and less green. The other plants in my garden are doing well too. My basil is going crazy! So glad I’ve been able to keep everything alive!
I earned my Mary Kay Senior Consultant pin! If you’re in need of some Mary Kay product and your own personal consultant, check out my website and let me help! And just for my blogging friends, if you place an order by July 24th and put “CsqDesigns” in your order notes, I’ll give you free shipping! 🙂 Update: No longer a consultant.



Taught an art lesson to one of my favorite little boys
Tore my gastroc muscle (aka inner calf) so I’m trying to rest it and not run.
Working on a few more necklaces for the Joyful Nest shop in CA and for my own shop.
Finally got my haircut since I had a Great Clips coupon. It had been 22 weeks. Trying to grow it out more, but I really needed a trim and a thinning.
So tell me, how have you been? What’s new with you?
Happy Crafting!!
Casey 🙂

My Week In Photos
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Lots going on for you! Love the necklace that you made! It's so cute, the design and color is great! You hair cut looks really good on you too! Congrats on your MaryKay promotion!

Molly Freibott

What a fun romp through your week! Your haircut looks great! Congrats on your promotion!

Terri Sproul

fun photo

Andrea Millard

Hi! I'm visiting you via #sscnet Blog Luv day! I love, love, love your necklace!!! I MUST get one, but I didn't see any like that in your shop… 🙁 So nice to meet u, I think u are so very talented!


Thank you so much! I'm working on getting some of the necklaces in my Etsy shop. 🙂


Thank you so much! I'm working on getting a few more necklaces made for a shop in California. I'm selling them for $45 plus $6 shipping. If you'd like one, I can create a custom order for you. 🙂

Coral Meyer

I joined #sscnet this week. We are still trying to make a new coffee product line. Love your photos. Must photo my products today for my e-store.
Love the hair cut.

Jason&Jamie Koenig

I think your hair looks really good like that I love bangs but i'm not brave enough to get them anymore. I put full blame on a grandmother who cut my bangs by putting a bowl on top of my head. I'm sorry to hear about your calf, hopefully is heals quickly so you'll be back to running. BTW the first picture of the sky was stunning. #sscnet

Rita Barakat

Aww look how cute you look! That first pic is amazing!

Cheryl Boglioli

Stopping by from SSC. Love the idea of doing a week in photos and adore your necklace!

oppa mama

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