I have quite the list of things I want to knit. Many of them right now are socks. Totally hooked. I have sock yarn just waiting, begging, to be used.

I have a growing stash and a growing list of projects I want to do. Sometimes I wish I had more time on my hands or more time, or more hands… Just a way I could get it all done. I can’t seem to knit them quick enough.

Here are just a few things from my current list that are (hopefully) next in line.

  • Wonder Woman Sweater – I haven’t knit a sweater yet, and I feel like knitting one would qualify me for pro-knitter status. Socks put me in the big leagues, and I’m ready to step it up… while wearing my hand-knit socks.

  • Tardis Socks – Because, duh. I think these are a must for every Doctor Who fan.

  • A cute Lacy Cardigan – It’s oh, so pretty.

  • Fair Isle Socks – This takes my sock skills to the next level of awesome.

* Slippers for my baby – Too cute with bows!

What are some things on your “To Knit” List? Does yours keep growing like mine does?


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My “To Knit” List
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