I posted this photo a couple days ago on Instagram & my personal Facebook page, and people really seem to like it so I thought I would share it here too.

Just before Christmas, I read & shared this article about an 85-year-old woman who knit and donated 1,000 hats in 2013. They estimated that she knit 133,200 yards of yarn, or about 75 miles in yarn. That got me to wondering how much yarn I knit in one year.

I researched a few options of devices that would count my yardage/meters/feet as I knit it. I didn’t find too much, and what I did find cost upwards of $40 plus shipping. And that’s when I found this…



$14 with free shipping just can’t be beat!

I found this on eBay. It is a fishing line counter. You attach it to a fishing pole, run your line through it, and it tells you how far out you’re casting so you can drop your line where the fish are, OR you can run your yarn through it and see how much you’re using. So far, it’s working really well.

It has a clip on the back and a screw to tighten the clip. I clip it to whatever I can and tighten. It will measure up to 999 feet before you have to reset it. You pull the yarn through one way and it counts up from zero, pull the other way and it counts down from 999, so be sure you’re pulling the yarn so it counts up. Right now I have DK weight yarn running through it, but I think it will work with any yarn. Already, in 2 days, I have knit 100 feet of yarn.

I think this will also come in handy when I publish patterns, because I can more accurately say how much yarn is needed for the pattern.

A blogger friend of mine has made a goal to knit a marathon this year. That is, she wants to knit 26.2 miles of yarn in one year. That’s a LOT of yarn and a LOT of knitting, friends. She has asked me to join her, and I’m going to do my best! Check out her blog post to read more.This little tool would be a great way to keep track of it.

Let’s see how much yarn I can knit in a year! I probably have a few miles in my stash.


Keep Creating!
Casey 🙂

My New Knitting Tool: A Line Counter
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One of the ways I'm tracking yardage, while tedious, seems to be working. I use a lot of bulky yarns, which don't have a lot of yardage. So when I finish the project, I measure what's leftover, and subtract that from the total.
If I had a postage or kitchen scale, that would make it super easy!!