Last Friday night I taught my first painting party, using Social Artworking by DecoArt’s Methodology. Even though many of the ladies coming were anxious and concerned they wouldn’t do well, I was nervous that I wouldn’t teach it well and they would be disappointed.



It’s been a few years since I’ve taught art, and I’ve never taught adults. I’ve always shied away from teaching adults. Children are more forgiving, even if their parents may not be. Teaching adults always made me nervous because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough – that I wasn’t good enough as an artist, as a teacher, and that someone would call me out on it. I know how to paint, but I was unsure of how to teach it, especially to adults.

Thankfully, my first class let me learn right alongside them. Although, they would probably tell you I was a natural and did great (they’re also my personal friends), but my inner dialogue was often doubting. That’s the trouble with being an artist. There is so much critique of art from all corners that artists themselves often become very critical of their work, many times not liking anything they make. Even the masters many times thought their art was rubbish.




This night was definitely a learning experience for me, and I enjoyed seeing the ladies discover their potential.What they didn’t see was the calculations and step-by-steps running through my head. I had two groups painting two different paintings. In my head I was figuring out the timing of the teaching. I didn’t want to leave one or two in the dust, but I also didn’t want the quick ones waiting too long. I’m glad I decided to do a trivia game throughout. That helped fill some of the down time.



They all did such a great job! I have almost two new parties scheduled, and I can hardly wait!

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My First Painting Party
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