I am excited to bring something new to my site. I am beginning to do swaps with other handmade artists. I am doing this as a way to reach more people with my work and to spread the word about other artists as well.

My first swap is with someone I went to high school with. We were in Color Guard together and performed at Disney World together. We’ve known each other for many years, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned she also knits.

Candi is the first one I’ve asked to participate in a swap with me. She owns the ImagiKnitsStudio shop on Etsy. I sent her an earrings & ring set in exchange for a pair of fingerless gloves.

These gloves are so warm! They are made of a beautiful teal wool, and have a cute little bow on them. These are perfect for all the computer work I do. They keep your hands and wrists warm, while giving your fingers some room and keeping them free for all that typing, texting, and coffee drinking. 

Here are a few photos my daughter took of me and the gloves. She posed me for a few of them. Sorry for the blur. She’s not a steady photographer yet.

Necklace is made by Run2theWild

I sent Candi a few questions about her craft, just to get to know how she came into the craft and what she’s currently doing with it. 
How long have you been knitting & crocheting?
I have been knitting for nearly 6 years. Crocheting came much, much earlier.
What got you started/why did you learn/how did you learn?
I learned how to crochet when I was a small child. My grandmother taught me to make cotton washrags. Still to this day, one of my favorite things to do is to sit with her and crochet together. As far a knitting goes, that one honestly came out of boredom. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was mostly stuck on the couch, due to being quite sick. I decided to download some how-to-knit tutorials and basically taught myself to knit.
What is your favorite thing to make?
With crochet, probably my favorite things to make are lacy hats for my daughter, I enjoy using unique and interesting color combinations. For instance, buttery yellow with red trim, baby blue, bubble gum pink with yellow trim. When it comes to knitting, my favorite things by far are socks, any color, any texture, as long as it’s with 100% wool. Give me tiny needles or give me nothing!
What are you currently working on?
On my needles at this time are a pair of socks, the first pair for myself in over a year. With my crochet I am focusing on jewelry and other small items. The other crafty thing I am working on right now is needle felting. I found this art a few years ago and have been intrigued by it ever since. I am no “artist”, as with paints or clay, however, I imagine myself to have a knack for wool and all the things that can be done with it. I have made a few small items using the needle felting technique and hope to continue learning this incredible craft, and not to stick myself with that needle all the time. It is sharp!
Any funny crafting stories or mishaps?
I think the funniest things that happen when I am working with yarn is that when I get up after working for a long time I regularly trail my yarn behind me as I walk thru the house. It’s like a bread crumb trail following me around.
What do you like to do when you’re not crafting?
When I am not crafting I tend to be running, trying to keep my house in order, and be mom and wife to my family. But mostly I seem to spend my evenings knitting and watching tv with my husband.
If you would like to see more of Candi’s work or to purchase some of it, you can find her ImagiKnitsStudio shop on Etsy.  The fingerless gloves she sent me are only $12.00 in her shop, and she also has some really cute heart ones for just $5.00. Candi is also offering my readers 10% off any purchase in her shop by using coupon code TAKE10 at checkout!

You can also find ImagiKnitsStudio on Twitter and Facebook

If you would like to swap with me, please check out my swap tab for more information. 

Happy Crafting!

My First Artist Swap: ImagiKnitsStudio
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Candi Oldfield

Thanks so much for the feature! Love your work, can't wait to see what else you come up with!


You are most welcome!