For the past couple of months I’ve been trying to return to one of my passions that I’ve abandoned for too long.

I have my degree in studio art, which is when I began to love oil painting. After college, my painting sort of phased out. I either didn’t have the space, time, or motivation. With oil painting, you definitely need a space, because of the fumes and drying time involved.

Since oil painting still isn’t much of an option for me, I’ve been trying to train myself in acrylics. Though, I think I use them like oils.

I’m hoping to get some work together and open a second Etsy shop. I have to decide on a name first, but it will all be under my CsqDesigns name. I’m also working on my own website, as I recently bought a domain. So yay!

Here are some of the paintings I’ve made recently. Two of them have already been spoken for, but the other two will go up for sale… if they don’t sell before that.


“BLUE SUNFLOWER” 16×20 $80 + shipping




 “DREAM TREE” 24×30 $150 + shipping, needs framed


 “PROVERBS 4:23” 16×20 -SOLD



“DAHLIA” 16×20 – SOLD




That’s what I have right now. I’ll soon be getting commissioned to do a painting of a friend’s horse.
I would love to hear what you think!
Keep Creating!!
Casey 🙂

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