When my daughter first started growing out of her clothes, I started saving all my favorites in a plastic bin. I was saving them for a baby clothes quilt that I was going to make. Here’s the problem –

I don’t know how to quilt.
So I have this bin full of clothes that I can barely put the lid on, because it’s 6 years later and I’m still collecting clothes, with no quilt knowledge in sight. 
A couple of weeks ago I decided I was tired of moving this box around and was going to do something about it. I was going to use my existing know-how to make a baby quilt with her clothes. And so… I began knitting squares. Lots of them.
They are knitted in a garter stitch with whatever colors I have that are soft and girlie. 
I’m starting out by taking a photo of the outfits before I cut them {sigh}. 


I’m taking photos so I have a visual reminder, and I’m also considering having a few of the photos printed on fabric that I’ll then sew to a square. 
Once I have photographed the outfit I’m going to use for a square, I cut it. I’ve done some in a basic square and one in a heart shape. It’s really just going to depend on the clothes. I’m not gonna lie, the cutting part is the most difficult. I remember her wearing every one of these outfits. {sigh} She’s growing up so fast. 
Here are the squares I made from these outfits. I may use the outfits for other squares too.


Once I get all the squares done and sewn together, I’ll probably put a fabric backing on it, so it holds its shape a bit better. I’ll decide that when it’s all put together. 
What do you think? 
Have you made a baby clothes quilt?
Happy Crafting!
Casey 🙂

Knitted Baby Clothes Quilt Project
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