You may find this hard to believe, but art time with my kids stresses me out a little. With as creative-minded as we are, we really need a craft room, but that’s just not in the budget right now so we have to make do by doing our making on the kitchen table. When my kids eat multiple… multiple times a day this means a lot of extra cleaning of that table and the surrounding area. And this is why it stresses me out. Some things just don’t clean up easily. Washable markers… ha!! Lies, all lies!

So… it’s a struggle. Funny thing is that I don’t have an issue with myself being creatively messy, but I’m also the one who cleans most of the messes around this place so I can make a mess if I want to! But my kids, on the other hand… I want a craft room, but we don’t have one, yet I want my children to have the artistic freedom that a craft room offers, with supplies ready and available for creative whims without hearing a “mom, can you get ____?” half a dozen times in 5 minutes.

Recently I took a step toward making this possible. First I hung some yarn (because I have plenty of it) on the wall behind the table to hang their creations. Then I took some stackable bins and containers and did what I could with what I had on hand. One bin for paper, one for collage things, one for other random things — feathers, a few buttons, foam letters, sequins and such, and the top bin for some fun scissors, pens/pencils, and crayons. The paint is still by request only, but my kids seem to love this set up. They enjoy having a variety of things at their fingertips whenever they get a creative urge.

Clean up, however, is still a struggle. I have glitter on the floor that will likely be there until the end of time. Maybe even longer.

Does it stress you out when your kids get crafty? How do you deal with it?  …because I may need some pointers.


Kids Getting Crafty
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