Good morning! Welcome to another Monday! It could be the Spring weather, but lately I am wanting to do SO much. TOO much. I’m planning and starting more projects than I can possibly finish. I have plans for every area of my life, and I’m finding there just isn’t enough of me to go around, enough time in the day, or enough energy for me to do them all. At once.

That’s when I want them done. I want it all accomplished right now. Call me impatient, but I am just a results person. I like to see physical changes for my efforts, and I want to see them as soon as possible. When I don’t see results, I have a tendency to get discouraged. But if there’s one thing I give myself credit for, it’s that I keep going, I keep moving. I try not to get down for long. And for the times when I’ve been down a bit too long, I’m thankful for those who have helped pull me up and get me going again.

People will help those who are trying to help themselves and make their lives better, but it’s hard to help and want to help those who have given up on themselves and their dreams. No matter how difficult it may be, keep going. Keep striving. Keep reaching. And if you need to, take hold of that outstretched hand.


Coming Up:

This week I HAVE to get my taxes filed. I’ve been putting it off because it completely sucks to file self-employment income and expenses. So, after I get that done, I’ll be sharing what I intend to do with my tax refund (if I get anything). I’ll also be sharing how I structure my time.

And next Monday, I’ll be adding some new items to my CsqDesigns shop!! I’ll be adding some GREAT things for the Spring and Summer. You’re going to LOVE it!

I’d love to hear about what you’re doing! Comment with your Spring projects, how you stay motivated, whatever you’d like. I love hearing from you!

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Keep Scrambling, Keep Your Feet Moving
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