Character Throwbacks have arrived!! My newest project is here! The inter-webs have been searched for characters in the public domain due to their age or no copyright renewal. First of all, there are some goofy characters out there…


Atomic Rabbit


This is the first installment, or issue, of Character Throwbacks, and I will be creating a new character each month out of yarn! The characters will be old comic book characters, literary characters, and cartoon characters. You may find plushies, hats, pillows, and other fun creations within. Exciting, right??!!


crocheted rabbit




Atomic Rabbit is our first Character Throwback! He debuted in 1955. Last seen in 1959. Atomic Rabbit definintely seemed like a fun one to start us out. This one looks familiar, even though I didn’t grow up reading comics.

Ultimately, this took me 5 tries to get what I wanted. I went with crochet because trying to knit it frustrated me. He fits in the palm of my hand and wears a cape, and capes are cool!


comic book crochet


But that’s not all!! If plushies aren’t your thing, well, I have a hat too!! This one is sized 18 inches and should fit a child or preteen. However, it also fits me. Maybe I have a small head.

CaseyCarrollArt Throwbacks




Character Throwbacks will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop one week after debuting here. Patterns will also be listed for sale at that time in both my Etsy shop and my Ravelry store.

Is this exciting or what? Share with me what your favorite older characters are. But if you just can’t wait til next month to get in another dose of nerdy, by all means, check out my Adipose pattern!


Until next time… do something creative!






Character Throwbacks Issue 1: Atomic Rabbit
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