I am having one of those “I’m so overwhelmed and therefore I don’t want to do anything” kind of weeks. Not at all helpful, since I have a lot to do and a lot coming up, but that’s where I’m at.

Allow me to start from Sunday morning…

Sunday morning, before I got out of bed, I was ready to start the day. There was still a smidge of snow on the ground, I had church and Super Bowl plans, things were good… then my feet touched the floor. I straightened my wild hair for church, grabbed the hairspray (or what I thought was hairspray) to fix it in place a bit, depressed the button and pllllbbbbbbttttt… mousse. All. Over. My. Head. I might mention here that my can of mousse and my can of hairspray look nearly identical, even the nozzle, so it was a simple mistake. This simple mistake though was more than a bit shocking. That and I now had foam on my head, my shirt, the floor, everywhere.

That was Ugh #1.

Then, as I was ushering my daughter down the stairs to put her shoes on, because we were running late, I dropped my bottle on perfume on the floor. Broke right in half. A half full bottle of perfume was now a puddle on my bathroom floor. I didn’t have time to clean it up, so I threw a towel over it and left.

That was Ugh #2… and we’re still on Sunday morning.

We finally made it to church. After church I needed to get some milk. At this point in the day I was already wanting a redo. On the way home from the store, a half mile or less from home, I stopped at a red light and the milk carton in my floorboard fell over. Seconds later, I see a little milk river running through the crevices of my rubber floor mat. Freaking out and ready to toss the whole carton out the window while driving down the road, I reach over and set it upright. Well… it didn’t matter how carefully I pulled into the driveway, it fell over again, this time spilling out onto the fabric part of my floorboard.

That was Ugh #3.

I carried the floor mat upstairs to the bathroom shower (the bathroom where a towel was covering my perfume and glass bottle). My daughter kept trying to come in. I was trying to rinse off the mat with one leg extended in a desperate attempt to keep my strong-willed daughter from lifting or stepping on the towel that was hiding my previous disaster. On the bright side, 3 days later, my bathroom still smells amazing.

Monday, yesterday, I had a parent teacher conference at the school, which didn’t go really well. I expected it, but that didn’t make it any easier. The good news is that her teacher told me she got a 100 on her most recent spelling test. Our agreement (with my daughter, that is) was that when she got a 100 on her spelling test I would take her to Chick-fil-a. So I was really happy for her and excited to share my happiness with her at Chick-fil-a after school. Plus, it was family night there, which meant her meal was free. Bonus! Well, she came home exhausted and cranky and took a 30-minute nap before I woke her. She was so tired that we barely made it through her homework. We still made it to Chick-fil-a, but she was pretty irritable. Oh! The cow was there last night, and my daughter said the funniest thing! She said, “That’s not a real cow. That’s a man dressed like a cow. I know, because cows don’t wear shirts.” hahaa! I love that cranky kid!

My workout yesterday morning, mostly the addition of the weighted hula hoop, has me a lotta bit sore, so I’m skipping today’s workout… which really has nothing to do with anything… Moving on…

So… I’m overwhelmed.

Tomorrow I am teaching a group of ladies at the community arts center to knit a scrappy scarf. I haven’t made one in awhile, not really confident in my ability to teach knitting, and so I’m pretty nervous. I also have about 16 or so more hearts to crochet for my Valentine’s Day project. I also have to laminate the cards and attach those to the hearts, and I’m meeting the recipients on Saturday to distribute them. Next week I have a piece going in a Valentine’s Day exhibit. The next day I’m teaching fingerknitting to homeschool students. I really need to get my taxes done… I also need more coffee. I really should get groceries. I’m tired of eating from the gigantic bag of chicken nuggets in my freezer. I love to cook, but that’s hard to do when my picky daughter doesn’t eat it. It just seems pointless and like much too much work to make two separate dinners every night, so chicken nuggets has been the go-to lately.

I’m hoping after Valentine’s Day I can regain some sanity. 🙂

I’m Losing My Sanity!!!
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