I have been drinking insane, and possibly illegal, amounts of coffee lately. I am drinking it all day long. I can attribute it to my ever-growing to do list or to my binge-watching of Gilmore Girls (Lorelai and I are soul sisters). Whichever the case, I have been drinking a lot of it.

Monday night, after having so many cups of coffee throughout the day that I lost count, I couldn’t sleep. Wide awake after 9pm. When I’m still awake after 9 my belly gets a bit grumbly. It’s then that I either have to force myself to sleep through the growling or I give in to the monster in my belly. That night the monster won. And you know that when you get hungry late into the evening that you very rarely choose healthy options. This was the inspiration for this set of drawings that I turned into a slideshow. I hope you like it and share it!


If You Give A Mom A Coffee
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