We all have those days when we feel completely unproductive, especially when we work from home. Some days it’s really hard to find that motivation or direction for the day and, before we know it, the kids are home from school, then it’s dinner, bath, and bed, and we go to sleep wondering if we really accomplished anything that day. Not a good feeling for me.

Today as I was trying to decide what I could post about for our How-To Tuesday, I came by this list by A Beautiful Mess for 10 Tips for a Productive Life. Many of these are ones I already know, but I’m having difficulty practicing. Getting started and creating the habit is often the hardest part of change, right? I do want to live a productive life, though, and I know that by making these things habit it will get me closer to my goals.

What are some things that have helped you to be more productive?
Keep Creating!!
Casey 🙂

How-To Tuesday: Tips for a Productive Life
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