About a month ago I was given some jewelry making stuff, so the past week or so I’ve been piecing some of it together. I’m pretty pleased with the results, and I can hardly wait to make more.

Before I get to the tutorial, let me show you what I’ve made.








What do you think? Which one is your favorite? My daughter loves the earrings with the bows on them.
Some of these may go up for sale soon, so keep an eye out!!!
Now, on to the tutorial…
This is a little technique that I did incorrectly for quite awhile, before looking up the correct way to do it. Several of the pieces I made use a head pin and a bead to make a little dangly to attach to the piece with a jump ring.
Here is the correct way to do this —
1. You’ll need a head pin, a bead, and needle nose pliers that will also cut wire. You could also use an eye pin if you’d like to connect something to both ends of the bead.


  1. Slide the bead onto the head pin.


  1. Carefully bend the head pin at the top of the bead. I used the pliers to hold the bead a couple of times, but if your beads have a finish on them, you might scrape the finish off. lesson learned


  1. Use the wire cutting part of your pliers (held on side closest to the bead), cut the pin approximately 1/4 inch beyond the bead.


  1. Use the round end of your pliers to grasp the end of the pin and curve the pin by using a rolling motion to fold it over a single round prong. You may need to release the pin, regrip, and continue rolling again until the end of the pin forms a closed loop.


And that’s all there is to it! I hope you found this helpful!
Happy Saturday and Keep Creating, friends!
Casey 🙂

How to Make a Jewelry Loop
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