A little over a week ago now, Instagram suddenly deleted my original CaseyCarrollArt account. No warning or explanation. There was no response to my emails, tweets, or Facebook messages. Nothing. Nada. Sadness. All of it was gone. That “Instagrammer” in the following photo was my beloved account.


                  Grow InstagramGrow Instagram


So… I had to start over.

I created a username as similar to the original as Instagram would let me and I got to work rebuilding what I had lost. It’s actually gone a lot better than I had expected, and it is giving me the opportunity to start a new feed with a more cohesive look to it.


grow Instagram




I started the way most do — I began adding some of my Facebook friends. Full disclosure: I didn’t add all of them. I only added ones who I knew were interested in my business or who are customers. Those are the only friends I chose to follow from this account.

Then I began searching for those I had followed and enjoyed previously. From there I searched for users that were in my niche or my target audience. And then the real work began.



Once I started following others I became VERY active. I added a few photos that I had added to my other account, keeping in mind the look and theme I am going for. I have been posting 3-4 times per day, on average. Spread it out. Don’t do it all at once, because that’s annoying and will make people click “unfollow” faster than you can say “Instagram”.

I researched the use of hashtags and which ones are good for my business. If you are not using hashtags then you are truly missing the point of Instagram and the real networking available. Truly. I tried to pick a few topics I’d share about and plan to stick with those only.



I have been liking and leaving meaningful comments on others’ photos. I’ve been replying when someone comments on my content. If someone follows me and it looks like I’ll enjoy their content, then I follow them back. Here’s just a tip about this — I have also downloaded the Followers app so I know who has unfollowed me. First of all, people are shady, y’all. Don’t be one of those people who follows someone and then once they follow you back you unfollow them. That’s just shady and will make people not like you, if they know you’ve unfollowed them.

And another hint — if an account has a HUGE gap between followers and following (followers being much larger) and then they follow you, it is almost a guarantee that they will unfollow you in about a week. They don’t really give a poop about what your content is, only that you see theirs. Shady.



Another thing I did was in my notifications area of the app, I would swipe over to see what those I’m following has been liking or commenting on. If they like it then I might too. I then would engage with some of those as well.

I’m finding out that if you engage and interact on Instagram (and use relevant hashtags) then your following will explode!! Since I began writing this post I have gained 3 followers. This is what my screen looked like this afternoon.



grow instagram



And this is what my notifications look like almost every time I open the app now, which, truthfully, is several times a day. I have WAY more engagement on this account than I ever did on the original, but I’m doing several things differently now. It seems to be working!


grow Instagram



Now, not all of the followers you’ll have are good ones. Some seem super spammy. You’ll get those from hashtags too, but hopefully the hashtags you use will bring your target audience to you.

If your feed looks good, if you provide something of value, if you’re interacting and not being a selfish, self-centered turd nugget, then you’ll appear authentic and people will want to follow you and find out what you’re all about and hopefully buy into whatever it is that you’re trying to subtly sell them. And then ya just have to work to keep them there.


Have you used any of these tips and had a growth in your Instagram? Do you have any additional tips?

Also, if you’d like to check out my new account and hopefully follow it, I would LOVE that! Be sure to say hi and that you came to me from the blog. 🙂


Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png  I grew my Instagram following from 0 to 250 in ONE week and you can too!! 






How I Grew My Instagram From 0 to 250 Followers in One Week
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So sorry your account got deleted, but it looks like it was a blessing in disguise. A fresh start is sometimes needed. All the tips you gave are awesome. I’ve posted 3 times a day before and saw such an engagement increase along with interacting with others and using industry hashtags. Thanks for sharing your insights and cheers to what’s next! 🙂

Tiffany Parry

Wow – love how God worked all things for good and gave you something even better! Wonderful tips. Following you!


That’s wonderful! I think it’s true for any social media platform that if you engage it grows your following. I think I spread myself too thin. I have been letting go of Twitter and starting to engage more with Instagram. Thanks for the tips! Heading over to follow you now. 🙂

Christa Sterken (@Csterken)

That really stinks about your original account, I am sorry! Thank you for sharing how you turned things around and what has helped you grow. It is always fun to learn some new tips. Both for growth…and to be a generous vs. greedy visual consumer 🙂