Sadly, my daughter is now away with her dad for the next month. First order of business: Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for breakfast.

                                                 Yes, it tastes as delicious as it looks.
They say to eat your dessert in the morning so you have all day to burn that deliciousness off. Sounds good to me! …My tastebuds are fully supportive of this. Plus, chocolate is one of those feel-good foods! Now, that’s a good way to start the day! 
I’m not at all happy about my daughter being away for a month, for more reasons than I’ll bore you with, but I’m trying to think of ways I can keep myself busy. I’m hoping to do things that are difficult or nearly impossible to do while she’s here. Ya see, as a single mom with no family around, my girl is with me nearly 24/7. She’s my sidekick. So there’s not a lot of opportunity for me to do things with just me, or even with friends. 
Here is what I propose to do: 
* Go hiking- Probably best to do this with someone, but I’ll go alone if need be.
* Gallery Hop- Lexington has a Gallery Hop every couple of months or so. Free food, wine, and art. Where can ya go wrong?
*Go grocery shopping- without hearing “I want a Lunchable. I want ice cream. I want goldfish.” the ENTIRE time.
*Drive with windows down and music up- Usually my daughter doesn’t like the music up loud and doesn’t like her hair in her face. She’s a strange one. lol 
*Be colorful- DONE! 🙂
*Be a Yarnbomber- More on this later. 😉
*Eat what I want!- I hereby declare that I will not consume macaroni n’ cheese, hot dogs, or poptarts for the next month.
*Visit local galleries and art shops- I can do this with her, but it’s usually more frustrating than fun.
*Have “me” dates- Go to the coffeeshop to read, go to the park to write or knit, go for walks (hopefully with a portable air conditioner)…
*Take naps- Aaaaaah… naps. I even got curtains for my bedroom (finally), AND they block out light and are thermal ones so they keep out heat or cold. Score 30% for my bank account!
*Watch something that’s not animated- Although, I’d really like to see Brave. When does that come out? 
*Take baths- My daughter does it all the time! I may even use her bubbles and color-changing tablets!!
*Be creative… and lots of it- I’m trying to get away from patterns, unless I’m creating them. So I plan to start creating from my own little heart. Here’s some of what I’ve done since she left on Saturday… Sorry for the crappy quality. I’ve FINALLY bought another camera to replace my stolen one. Just waiting for it to arrive by mail. Until then, I have my crappy phone camera.




Do you have any additional ideas of what I could do while my daughter is gone? 



                                                                                 I need to keep myself busy so I don’t lose my mind…


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Come hang out with your bestie! Slip and slide, chocolate, lots of dancing, getcho tan on, swimming? Yeah, we could do all that. 🙂

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Have fun on your much-deserved vacation my friend!