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I dug out (literally) my sewing machine again a few days ago. My little ZuZu has been on the move lately. She hasn’t quite got the hang of crawling on hands and knees, but she’s getting to be a pro at the Army crawl. She’s been moving herself around like that for about a month, and she’s not quite 6-months-old!!!! Too soon, baby. Too soon. This DIY baby gate came out of necessity.


DIY baby gate
With my curious little mover, I needed to find a way to keep her contained, namely, from crawling into the kitchen/craft room. It’s dangerous, even to adults. So a gate was much needed. I wanted something that could come down easily, be washed easily, and would be inexpensive.
I did a search on Pinterest for DIY baby gates and came across some FABULOUS fabric baby gates. It’s important to remember that these gates aren’t as sturdy as the plastic ones, so please don’t use for the top of stairs. However, I think they would be fine for doorways, or even the bottom of stairs. They likely aren’t completely childproof, but they should slow them down a bit. Be sure to keep little ones supervised to prevent any accidents.
I wanted something to slow her down and keep her out of the kitchen, and I think this will work quite nicely. I just used some fabric and ribbon I already had on hand, and I bought the Command Cable Hooks to adhere to the wall and baseboard.
I think it should work well. Now I need to make a cover for my bike tire…
What creative solutions did you (do you) use when your kids were small?


DIY Baby Gate Tutorial
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