It has occurred to me that, as an Etsy shop owner, I do everything. I knew this, but now I really know this. Feels like a one-woman show. In my Etsy business, I am designer, maker, photographer, marketer, accountant, web designer, blogger, graphic designer, sales person, promoter, publicist, packager, shipper, and probably a few other things.


Etsy Shop Owner Job Description

Just attempting to take product photos. (My daughter took this one… reluctantly.)


As an Etsy shop owner, I am a one-woman shop, so things can get a bit tiring, especially around the holidays. I love the holiday season for my shop though. The last few months of the year, I work hard to be sure to spend time with those I love too, and not just work my fingers to the bone. Literally.


Etsy shop owner

I spend A LOT of time creating. This means I also spend an insane amount of time watching documentaries on Netflix or listening to podcasts. Just makes me smarter, right? That’s what I tell myself. Crocheting makes me smarter. Yep, sounds good to me.

I don’t think some realize just how much work goes into having an online business and an online presence. It’s work!! There’s a lot that goes into it. Whatever a maker prices their work for, I guarantee that put the time into it to make it worth that. And then some.


Oh! I also recently changed my CsqDesigns shop name to match my blog name and Facebook page and Twitter name. Same shop, different name. Check it out with all my nerdy stuff in it at CaseyCarrollArt on Etsy.

Until next time!






What I Do As An Etsy Shop Owner
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