Hi! We’re back for another D.I.Y. Tuesday! I hope you’ve enjoyed the projects so far. If you’ve missed the previous two, you can find links to them at the bottom of this post. If you’ve been making the projects with me, I would love to see your photos! Just link them up in the comments. 🙂

I wanted to do some more Spring-related crafts, because I am very ready for Spring. Unfortunately, the weather here isn’t cooperating very well. It’s been super chilly and rainy, with even some snow in the forecast. My birthday is next week, and I’m hoping for some pretty weather. (fingers crossed)

I’ve seen the cute little flower toppers before, made from silk flowers, and thought pipe cleaner flowers might add some springyness, like bobble heads!

Springy Flower Pencil Toppers

Let’s get started!


For this simple project, you will need:
1 green pipe cleaner
2 pipe cleaners in your color choice
pen or pencil
wire cutters

You could use two different colors for the flower. It’s really up to you. I think two colors might be fun together.

Some kids may be able to do this craft on their own, but be careful, because the wire ends of the pipe cleaner can be sharp, and they would definitely need some help with the wire cutters.

Now, let’s do this!


Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around your index finger and then twist it onto itself to secure the loop.


Then you want to make a figure-8 by wrapping it around your ring finger.


Continue by wrapping up and over your middle finger.


Then tuck the end down through the first loop to secure the last loop made.


I then slid the loops off of my fingers to make the final loop and secure by going through one of the loops from front to back and then twisting around the back.


Attach the second pipe cleaner by twisting it with the previous flower stem. Make 3 or 4 more petals by creating a loop and wrapping around the base after each loop.
Then bring the end to the back and twist around the others. Be sure that all your petals are secured and aren’t going to come undone.



Now we’re going to begin twisting the end of our green pipe cleaner around the petal ends.


If you had lengthy flower ends, you can snip them with your wire cutters.


Now wrap the rest of your green pipe cleaner around the pen or pencil.


Voila! Then pull it off of the end of your pen just a bit to put a little “Spring” into it. 🙂
Springy Flower Pencil Toppers


Make a whole bouquet of them, if you’d like!


Or stick them in a plant!
What do you think? A fun little craft to add some cheer to your pen or your child’s pencil! This could even be a cute craft to use in your classroom or Sunday School class to help welcome Spring!
Again, I’d love to see your photos if you make this project. Just comment with a link!


DIY Springy Flower Pencil Toppers
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