I am so excited about this and can hardly wait to put it to use!

Yesterday I was invited to set up at a craft fair for next Saturday. Not much time. I’m not 100% prepared, but thanks to this quick and easy idea, I am a bit closer.

Since it’s a tad too warm for hats right now, I have been making quite a bit of jewelry, which presents a different display challenge for craft fairs. Just throwing it all on a table seems too jumbled for me. I researched a few ideas and nearly all of them were either too complicated or were out of my price range, so I headed out to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration… and I found it!



I bought a tri-fold foam presentation board (18×20″ maybe) for $4.99, a frame stand (half off) for $1.50, and some markers & gel pens. I’m not counting those in the total because I wanted them for something else and will use them again. I also didn’t count the ribbon because I already had it. Though I do need to get some more little clothespins. I made the earring cards a couple of weeks ago after decided the cost to buy them wasn’t worth it at this point.

Since I didn’t take step-by-step pictures, here is a very loose tutorial of what I did…

I doodled.

The first thing I did was to open it up and start doodling around the edges. I didn’t want to doodle over the whole thing because I didn’t want it to be too busy. I started with black and then filled in with the colors. Then I doodled my shop name in the center. It could probably use some more black in it or some thicker lines, but that’s how it is right now.

Then I added ribbon.

To do this I started at the top left. I threaded each panel separately. I threaded ribbon through an embroidery needle, laid the board on the table to keep it from bending and creasing as I pushed the needle through, then I pushed the needle and one end of the ribbon through. I cut the ribbon long enough to push through on the other side and knot. On the back side of the board I created a simple square not to keep it from pulling through to the front and trimmed the ends. Since I used an embroidery needle the knot doesn’t need to be very big.

To make the next row, I clipped one of my earring cards onto the first ribbon to see how far it would hang down. I made my ribbons sit fairly close to the board. My ribbons ended up being 11.5cm apart (up and down). I then did the same thing for each panel across, and…

An earring card display stand!!
The whole thing took me probably 2-3 hours, most of which was spent doodling. And it only cost me $6.49!!
One of my very favorite parts about it (other than it being unique and handmade) is that if you carry the earrings separately, it folds up flat and is super lightweight, which is great when you’re carrying things into a craft fair!! The less bulk the better!
So what do you think? 
And what have you seen or done at a craft fair that helps to save space (and your budget)?
Happy Crafting!!

Casey 🙂

DIY Earring Display Stand for Craft Fair
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Mylene Hillam

Always love handmade jewellery displays. Your doodling is really pretty. Great job Casey!


Thanks, Mylene! I love that I can fold it up flat to store or carry to shows. 🙂