There’s nothing quite like shopping for clothing to make a woman feel much bigger than she is, especially shopping for undergarments. Oh the horror! I bought a bra today. I don’t consider myself overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but shopping for underthings makes me feel like I’m huge. It’s like trying to put a 30 inch piece of elastic around a pregnant manatee. It ain’t pretty. There are bulges I didn’t know I had until I put that rubberband around me. Armpit fat. Seriously?! Gross!

I was anorexic for about 4 years back in high school and college, so maybe that’s factoring in here, but shopping for a bra was really depressing. How does a woman get rid of flab in that area?! Women get flabby in some of the most unfortunate places. The under arm wings. Yikes. The after-x-number of children and possibly c-sections tummy flap. Can that really be exercised away? And then the saggy breasts. The thing that often draws the attention of the opposite sex will too soon be hovering above our pantyline due to age and breastfeeding. Honestly, I think as we age, men get away with extra baggage far easier than women do. It just isn’t fair.

And ya know, I really wish that women clothing designers would have a big ol’ meeting and decide on sizing! For cryin’ out loud, every flippin’ brand has their own size measurements!!! I could wear a size 4 jean in this brand, but be wearing a 10 in another one. Ridiculous!!! It’s that way in nearly every type of women’s clothing. And if I buy material to make my own clothing, that’s an entirely different size! I think the only clothing that isn’t frustrating and depressing to buy is socks, but even then there are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Too many stinkin’ choices! It makes it impossible for moms to buy clothes if their children are with them, which for many mothers, is most of the time.

Now, excuse me while I Google exercises to get rid of armpit fat…

Department Store Depression
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Optimistic Existentialist

When you wrote this: “It's like trying to put a 30 inch piece of elastic around a pregnant manatee” I busted out laughing in my office and my coworkers now think I'm crazy 🙂


hahahaha! That's awesome! 🙂