For those familiar with art and photography, you are familiar with a term called “negative space”. It’s what going on in the spaces between. The space itself can form an interesting and artistic element. It is a key element in the composition of a piece. Negative space can also help you to focus on the more important aspects of the image.

For instance, this photograph. There’s a lot of negative space, which helps you to focus on the dust pan that looks like Darth Vader. Doesn’t it look like Darth Vader? Or is it just me?



What about in your day? Do you have negative space in your day, or are you filling it with something? Scrolling on Facebook? Phone games? Television?

The negative space will make it easier to focus on what’s important, bring more interest, and bring more beauty to your life.

Don’t believe me? Try this suggestions to create negative space in your life.


How to create negative space in your day




Schedule a time out — Write your break times down in your calendar. Set an alarm on your phone. Do something that reminds you to stop and take a breather. Whatever is left undone will be there after you rest, and I promise the world won’t fall apart while you do.

Take a nap — Again, it will be okay if you don’t wash the dishes right now. They’ll still be there when you wake up. Unless, of course, someone graciously washes them for you while you nap.

Go for a walk — Take a walk and enjoy the mindlessness of it. I have had some of my best ideas while I’ve been out for a run or walk. Try it. You might want to keep this one on your schedule.

Read a book — A real book. Not a self-help book, business book, or some other “here’s how you do this” book. Read a story. It opens up a whole new world of imagination and possibilities.

Put your phone down — We are constantly on our phones. If we have any down time or wait time at all then we are busy scrolling through our social media feeds to see what our coworker had for dinner last night. Put the phone down. Don’t even touch it. Put it away while you wait or have down time and just look around you. Listen to the sounds. Feel like the breeze. Smell a literal rose. If you’re anything like me, take your allergy meds first.


I hope you find this helpful in beginning to create your own negative space. I would love it if you would share in the comments how you create negative space in your own day.


You may also find my post about what I do to take care of myself helpful.


Until next time…






Creating Negative Space
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