Something I’ve started doing, and would like to do about once a month, is having swaps with other designers as a way to exchange our skills and help promote each others’ work. If you’re interested in swapping with me, check out my Swap page for more information and to view my previous swaps. No longer available

This week I got to swap with Courtney. She’s pregnant and asked me to make her a little bear hat for her baby girl, and I was so happy to do so. I think baby items are becoming some of my favorite things to make. It satisfies my longing to have another baby… For now.

Courtney and I met up at Starbucks this past Sunday. She rolled up in her yellow slug bug, with daisies on the wheels {which my daughter absolutely LOVED}.

She made a pretty butterfly necklace and some flower earrings for me. I knew she was giving me the necklace {I love butterflies!}, but I didn’t expect the earrings to be in there too, so that was a sweet surprise.

I asked Courtney a few questions so we could get to know her a bit. Here are the questions and her answers.

What inspires your creations?
Nature, Vintage, family, Art

What projects are you currently working on?
Just finished a festival collection for my shop and currently working on a camp I am directing this summer and my babies room!

What do you like to do when you’re not creating?
 I like to sit in the quiet and relax or lay in my hammock outside. I also love to thrift and learning to love to cook. I do love going on an adventure outside but now that I am pregnant it has become a bit harder to do that.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I am a leap year baby!! Only six!

What is YOUR favorite item in your shop right now?
 My favorite item in my shop right now has to be my spirit necklaces in particular the dreamer. I love them because they are truly one of a kind pieces that I put a lot of thought, love and effort into. They are necklaces I would wear every day. They are a true representation of my personal style.

You can check out Courtney’s blog Run2theWild to see her creations, find giveaways, and follow her pregnancy, and you can also check out her shop on Etsy!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Happy Crafting!!

Casey 🙂

Crafty Swap with Run2theWild
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Sian Whitehall

Great idea and what fun!