Spending any amount of time on social media or Pinterest and you’ll likely find several art/craft studio spaces. I have drooled over far too many. They are spaces that I dream about, sometimes quite literally. Gorgeous colors and furniture and layout and just perfect.

If you caught my Periscope a couple weeks ago then you may have seen my “studio”. It is far from beautiful or perfect. In fact, I use the word studio quite loosely because it’s really just the small room off of my kitchen that I think may have been a back porch at some point. Not really sure. But this area is where my most frequently used craft supplies are kept. The rest is kept in the shed. And it’s also the home to my water heater and furnace, which often makes it the noisiest “room” in the house.

On one wall, under a shelf and clothing rod, are several sets of plastic drawers. Those drawers are full of yarn balls, craft supplies for the kids, embroidery thread, ribbon, fabric markers, and a ton of random odds and ends. My sewing machine sits on the floor over there, just waiting to be used once or twice a year. On the shelf are all our board games. I really need to get rid of most of them since most of them require at least 3 players and we currently only have 2 on most days.

Then we have the back door and to the left of it is a bookshelf filled with more odds and ends. There are a few plastic boxes full of glue, crocheted jewelry, jewelry making supplies, polymer clay, buttons, etc. And then there’s my table.


My table area keeps changing. Currently it has mostly my painting supplies on it, with my easel and chair nearby. Underneath are knit and crocheted items that are available in my shop, and above it is my ever-changing inspiration board. My little area is constantly being reorganized or tidied up. Lately I feel the need to reorganize, hoping that it will spark a desire to paint, but that just hasn’t been there lately. I think I’ve been too tired and all I want to do after the kids go to bed is binge watch Reign on Netflix. (Seriously, it’s a good one.) I’m hoping to someday soon paint here again. I just need some fresh inspiration.



Craft "Studio" Organization
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