I am not one of those who have been blessed with a craft room. While I dream of a room for crafting that is colorful and oh-so-organized, like something that would come straight out of a magazine, I am using this awkward space in my apartment that’s between my living room and my dining room. It’s such an odd space that I’m not really sure how a normal person could use it. I, however, have my craft table there and some storage drawers and a bookshelf. 

Now, I have craft supplies out the wazoo. I think I may even be a hoarder of craft supplies. I’ve had some of them for years, because I just know that one day I’ll have a use for it. I have a spot in the utility bathroom that is ready for a washer and dryer. Since I don’t have either of those, I instead have plastic bins full of sewing supplies, painting supplies, completed products, abandoned projects, paper, and so on, just stacked there. 

Well, this weekend I had had enough of the madness. My apartment kind of imploded around Christmas. Craft supplies and projects were in every room, including my kitchen. I had paintbrushes and palets on the kitchen sink, supplies in bins in my bathroom, my car, a project or three in my bedroom, living room, dining room table. I’m telling you, it was EVERYWHERE! I needed to find some organization to the madness.

This is where I started.


This wasn’t quite the beginning, because I had already dug several things out of hiding and found new homes for things before this pic was taken. I’ve gone through my yarn stash and plan to sell some of it that I’ve not used in the 3 years since I started crocheting & knitting. 
I’m not completely satisfied with the end result, because I don’t know if I’m done yet. It’s really difficult to organize such a confined, yet open, space that is constantly being used. I suppose I’ll make the most of it for now.
I still have a couple of little piles to go through, but I’ve got my shipping stuff in one place, my books in one place, projects, yarn, and other goodies. I still have bins in the bathroom too.
Lots of craziness going on under the table: stuff to photograph to sell, yarn, painting stuff, sewing stuff… On top I have a painting in progress and will get a spot to set up for photos on the other side. Right now it has my bin with stuff to photography and my package to go to Holla Knits.
I put some baskets on the wall to hold my cotton and multicolored yarn.
I cleaned up my inspiration wall.
Cleaned up my shelf a bit.
And this may be the most exciting part of all! I found my necklaces!!! I realized several months ago that I couldn’t find these necklaces. They were still listed in my shop, so I took the listings down, because I had no idea where I had put them. Well, I found them. They were hiding in a recipe box, in another box, that was under another box. I really almost tossed the recipe box in the closet, but then I heard it make a noise when I picked it up. I was so excited with what I found inside!!! It made all the standing on my feet, moving stuff around, and sneezing completely worth it!!! Yay!!! I’ll be able to put these in my shop for Spring!
I’ve found that anytime I get stuck for ideas, or even if I’m just bored, all sorts of ideas will come flooding in when I just reorganize, rearrange, or clean. It’s like while I’m cleaning my surroundings, I’m cleaning up the junk that’s muffling my thoughts. So if you’re feeling stuck, get out a label maker, some dust rags, and muscles, and get to work!
Are you one of those who are blessed with a craft room, and what do you do when you feel “stuck”?
Can’t wait to hear from you! Happy Crafting! 

Craft “Room”: Mission Organization
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When I feel stuck for ideas, I try to write them down and eventually make them happen. 🙂 In many instances, we may be the same. I admire your colourful craft room so much!


Thank you! I'm trying to make it a habit of writing down ideas when they come to me. That way when I get stuck, I already have a backup list.


I am very lucky to now have a sewing room its very small so organisation is key. I have a tall ikea trofast unit with the plastic draws .they are like the tardis you can get so much in them.Although with all this organisation going on i can't find my tape measure. I must admit after re organising though it blows the cobwebs and gives more spacing the mind for creative thoughts.


I definitely tend to work better in a somewhat organized, but colorful, space. It sounds like you have a good set up going on. 🙂