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I exclusively breastfed my first daughter, but that was my first baby. I didn’t have another little one demanding attention. Well, now I’m the mother of another newborn AND an 8-year-old while breastfeeding a newborn.

It’s been awhile, but it’s a bit funny (read: exhausting) how different things are this time around. With my first baby, I could relax in the chair while nursing her and just look at how beautiful she is and cry because I was so happy to have her in my arms. This time, I’ve got the newborn on my boob while cooking my older daughter dinner with one hand and hoping my other arm doesn’t give into exhaustion.

While I am exclusively breastfeeding this baby til she’s 6 months old and am all for breastfeeding, there are some pros and cons I would like to bring up.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • It’s natural. Obviously. You really can’t get much more natural than this. It’s like we’re mammals, or something. (Spoilers: We really are mammals. I hate to break it to ya.)

  • It’s easy. I mean, ya just pop a boob in their mouth and they’re set! No bottles to worry about or wash. I love that!! Aside from the discomfort at the beginning, breastfeeding is a piece of cake. Ooo! Cake!!

  • It’s good for the baby. It really doesn’t get much better. Breastmilk has all sorts of immunity goodness in it. When directly applied, it can even heal those nasty scratches babies give themselves! There’s even research out that breastmilk may heal a whole mess of diseases and conditions in adults!!! It’s like miracle milk! I wonder if I should start harvesting it…

  • It’s good for the momma. Breastfeeding is hands-down the easiest way to lose postpartum weight. I love an easy calorie burner! (Where’s that cake?) It also gets that uterus back into shape faster. Let’s get it together, uterus! 

    – No periods! Seriously one of my favorite pros. With my first daughter, it was almost a year before I had a period! Woot!

  • It’s natural contraception. Not an issue for a single gal like myself, but for un-single folks… Yay! Breastfeeding can keep pregnancy at bay! Note: It’s not 100% so if you don’t want to get pregnant just yet, you may want to have a backup.

  • It’s great bonding time. This is, of course, assuming that you’re not cooking dinner, deciphering third grade math homework, updating Twitter, washing dishes, and standing on your head while nursing.


And now for the cons:

  • You might begin to feel like a milk machine. Maybe machine isn’t the right word, but you begin to feel like all you do is make and dispense milk. All day long. Day and night. While cooking, cleaning, peeing, showering, your’re making milk. I think I’ll take some cookies to go with it! (No, I don’t drink my own milk… but with all that healing goodness, maybe I should!)

  • The leaking. Oh, dear goodness, the leaking. I go through at least 2 shirts and bras every day because of the leaking. I have nursing pads to go in my bra and my bra and shirt STILL get soaked in a matter of minutes. I feel like maybe I should start stuffing my bra with diapers! If I did that, maybe I could wear the DD bras that were given to me. I’d have more bras, then, for when I soak one (or several).

  • Feeling overtouched. I am all touched out. If I had a husband or boyfriend he’d probably get irritated with me, because I don’t think I’d want to be touched much. My sense of touch is overloaded while my other senses are pretty neglected. I think I need to fulfill the taste one a bit more… with maybe a cheeseburger… (Can ya tell it’s near lunchtime?)

  • Clogged ducts. No, not air ducts. Milk ducts. And, boy, do they hurt!

  • Orange poo. Like I said, I breastfed my first too, so I don’t have a comparison, but I’ve heard that poo from breastfed babies is more liquid and stains more than that of formula-fed babies. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I do know that this baby’s poo is neon orangey-yellow and destroys anything it touches. The color could stop traffic.

  • Niplash. This is what happens when the baby is nursing, gets distracted, pulls, and suddenly lets go. This then usually sends milk in all directions. (Another clothing change, anyone?) Sometimes it’s like a slowly trickling waterfall and other times it’s like a fire hose. But I think niplash is the reason for wonky nips. They just don’t know which way to go anymore. It’s like they’re lost or something. Go toward the light!


Annnnnnnd… It’s time for me to nurse again! I was nursing when I started writing this too. I’m such a multitask-er.

Can you think of anything else to add? I love to get feedback from you! 

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Breastfeeding: the Pros & Cons
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