I like to get out and explore now and then, and I enjoy coming across interesting finds. On recent adventures I have found a few pieces to share with you that caught my eye, as well as a few fun things.

First up is this amazing sand art. I went to a sand art festival in New Hampshire once. It was incredible. I’m not sure how they have the patience and skill-set to make these. I can’t even make small, basic sandcastles, much less something like this.



Then this color wheel sculpture that I find very satisfying.



And how cool are these?! Hooks made from paintbrushes!!



This giant wall art was just amazing. From a distance you’d think it was a photograph or something, but when you get up close you can see that the picture is made by the butts of crayons!IMG_4051[1]IMG_4163[1]



Then there’s this piece that’s made with tiles and games pieces. The more I looked at it the more fascinated I became with it.



I love architectural art also. This suspension bridge was beautiful. It unnerved me a little when the wind picked up as I was walking across, but it was still pretty amazing.



I’m hoping to find more beautiful art this Summer. If you know of anything in the Midwest then let me know!


Artful Finds
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