This month I added two little feet to my little family. On December 4th I gave birth to a beautiful little girl to make daughter #2. I’m typing this while she naps next to me. I’m not sure how much time I have or if I’ll be finishing this one-handed, but we’ll give it a go.


Over the past 3 weeks my knitting and crochet projects have been replaced by diapers, diapers, and, oh yes, more diapers. I forgot how many diapers a newborn will go through. It’s unreal. And this baby has a real knack for pooing in a diaper within minutes of me strapping one on her.
The sweet smell of a fresh shower, lotion, and perfume has been replaced by the smell of soured spit up. I’ve given up trying to keep my clothes clean and will only change when the wetness on me has come from her diaper. I miss the days, not that long ago, when I was able to take showers that lasted longer than 2 minutes and go pee without having to worry about someone crying in my absence. I’m daily covered in diaper leakage, spit up, breastmilk, and drool, and I’m completely worn out most of the time, but, honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although, I would really love to eat something other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s been my go-to, as my baby girl won’t usually allow me to put her down long enough to actually make anything that requires the stove/oven.
Her smiles, though!! Oh my goodness, those smiles!! They are hands down some of the most precious things I’ve ever seen! And my big girl absolutely loves her to pieces and is quite protective of her. She’s so excited to have a little sister. Seeing them together just makes my heart full to the brim.
Well, I think my time is up. I smell a diaper change in my very near future. When I get another 10 minutes I’ll show you what my parents got me for Christmas and how I’m organizing my collection of knitting needles.


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A New Addition
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Congratulations on your newest bundle of human!

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