There’s no question that I am a coffee addict. Love the stuff. Didn’t always. I usually say that I started drinking it in college, out of necessity. Now, as a mom, I still drink it out of necessity.


5 signs of a coffee addict


It took my daughter about 2 hours just to get dressed this morning. And when we finally sat down to start school work, she spilled orange soda all over everything. We also went to bed with no snow and woke up to find out the roads have disappeared, and we still have a full day of snowing ahead. We’re in the 10-18 inches range. That’s a lot of snow. So it’s definitely a “two cups of coffee day”. Here are my personal signs I’m an addict.




1. This happens at least once a month.

2. Coffee is the first thing you think about in the morning.
3. Coffee rings. Everywhere.
And on a white countertop… Definitely need a Magic Eraser.
4. You have several different types of coffee because you never know what you’ll be in the mood for.
5. You have at least one loyalty card to a coffee place AND they know what your regular drink is.

So am I the only one? 


5 Signs of a Coffee Addict
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