Growing up, the only ones I knew who knit were older ladies. But in the last several years, knitting has been sweeping through younger generations and has become almost like a cultural fad.
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Anyone, even children, can learn how to knit. Once you have the basic understanding and can read a pattern, it’s not that complicated. Designing patterns is another matter. That’s where real creativity and skill (and fun!) really come in, but it also can be learned.

After my baby was born I sort of lost my knitting mojo. I think this was partly due to exhaustion and partly because I was a knitting maniac the months before she was born. Really just got burnt out a little bit.

I picked up my needles again recently, and I can’t seem to get projects done quickly enough before finding another project I want to start.

So for those who haven’t tried knitting (or crochet) yet and for those who may have also lost their knitting mojo, I give you…




  1. Inexpensive Therapy – Now this partly depends on how much you spend for yarn. Some can get a bit pricey, but oh so divine. You’ll have to get past the learning part of knitting, but once you do, knitting can be very therapeutic (until you mess up and have to rip out half your work to fix it). Knitting has even been shown to help with various conditions like ADHD, dementia, anxiety, and depression, because it is rhythmic, calming, and creates focus. It’s cheaper than a therapist, so it couldn’t hurt to try, right?
  2. Satisfaction – There’s incredible satisfaction in seeing a stitch build upon the last stitch and row build upon row to slowly create something. There’s satisfaction in wearing a hat or gloves that was made with your own hands.
  3. Memories – Many of us have afghans our grandmothers made, or even that our grandmothers’ grandmothers made. Some of the things you knit could be passed down and treasured from generation to generation, creating fond memories in your future family line.
  4. Exercise – Okay, maybe not the best or most logical reason, but if you’re wanting to build forearm strength, knitting is the way to go. This baseball team is knitting for just that reason! It can also work your upper arm muscles, back muscles, and muscles in your hands & fingers.
  5. Yarn Shopping – Is there anything more pleasurable than shopping for yarn? Nope! Not much! If you’ve never rubbed a skein of silk on your face then you haven’t lived! Trust me. Yarn shopping is sheer joy. The colors, the fibers… They’re just glorious strands of colorful joy!



Have I convinced you to try knitting yet? If you’re ready to get started, is a great help!

If you already knit, what are some reasons why you knit?



5 Reasons Why You Should Knit
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