My girls mean the world to me, and just like many parents, I have things I desire for them. I know I’m not the perfect parent, but I love my girls and they know it.
If I were to narrow it down to 10 wishes I have for my girls, they would be…
1. That they will grow up loving God and knowing that He loves them and that Jesus died so they may live.
2. That they will be content with whatever life throws at them, always finding the good in any situation.
3. That they will know that I’ll always be here to support them and that they can talk to me about anything, without judgement.
4. That they will follow their dreams, wherever it may lead them, and that they won’t let anyone discourage them.
5. That they will grow with kind hearts and compassion toward others.
6. That they will be seekers of knowledge and never stop learning.
7. That they will be strong in every sense of the word. That they will have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength.
8. That they will not let their past or present circumstances define who they are or who they will be.
9. That they will have generous hearts and will be eager to help others.
10. That, no matter where they are or how far they roam, they’ll always come back home.

What are some wishes that you have had for your children?

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10 Wishes I Have for My Children
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